Deliverance Ministry

What is deliverance?

Do I need deliverance?

What will my deliverance session look like?

Your deliverance team consists of 4 members, 2 prayer leaders and 2 intercessors, trained in deliverance ministry. Your team will rely on Holy Spirit to guide them throughout the session.

Your session will begin with prayer and a time to express to the team any oppression you have been experiencing.

Once demonic presence is identified, the team will use the authority they have been given by Jesus Christ to cast out the demon.

Every deliverance is different, so manifestations of a demon leaving could be as subtle as a sneeze or more dramatic like a screeching sound.

Your team will minister the goodness of God and fill you with Holy Spirit before you leave.

You will be provided with instructions and materials on how to keep your deliverance.

How do I prepare?

How do I set up an appointment?

When do Deliverance Sessions take place?

Deliverance sessions will occur the second Thursday of each month at 7pm.