Missions are a very important part of our fellowship. We believe in reaching the ends of the earth with the gospel of Jesus Christ. We participate in mission work by providing a prayer covering for missionaries and regular financial support.
Currently we are assisting efforts of local and foreign missions work. The following are missions we now partner with:

Steve Freeman

Steve serves as a pastor to pastors in the Indianapolis area. Steve is networked throughout the region and provides prayer, counseling and insight to encourage approximately two hundred leaders of many local Christian ministries a month. Steve is also a part of Fusion, a ministry focused on the transformation of individuals, churches, cities and nations. He is also an elder of Bread of Life Ministries.

Matt & Aimee Kroll

Matt and Aimee work with “Youth With A Mission” in Tyler, Texas. They have faithfully served in the YWAM mission field for more than 15 years. Matt has led a team of First Responders in many disaster areas. He is the Director of the Summer School of Evangelism, and organizes many foreign mission trips for teens. Aimee has developed, and opened, a center for unwed mothers. She counsels the girls and assists them in make life changing transitions.

MOYA Foundation

The MOYA Foundation exists to advocate for the worth and rights of children with Autism, Down Syndrome, and Deafness by establishing a model for Christian-based education and therapy centers that equip teachers, parents, and children to overcome hurdles associated with those special needs.


Bread of Life provides monthly support for four Nigerian pastors and churches. These families are on the front lines and each oversee a local congregation in the city of Lagos. This support is meant to cover their personal needs, but is often used for church building projects, body needs, and medical attention.

The Gathering Together

A loved one’s decline in health always presents challenges, and sometimes it creates demands that families do not feel prepared to handle. That’s where The Gathering Together comes in. [ Website ]

Leigh Family – France Mission

David & Angela Leigh have lived in Alsace, France since 2004. They are working with Eglise Josué and Collège Daniel to facilitate worship in different settings and languages, to reconcile and intercede for peoples, cities, and nations, to support French Christian education in practical ways, and to heal and strengthen families using Biblical principles. More information.

St. John’s Storehouse

More information.


Bread of Life has sent short-term missionaries to Africa, Australia, Venezuela, Poland, China, Mexico, and Russia along with several trips within the USA.