Our Sunday Service starts at 10:00am.

Bread of Life Ministries is a body of believers located in Avon, IN. We are passionate about bringing God’s kingdom to earth. We embrace the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit: including all of the gifts He imparts, just as He did in the book of Acts.

We are focused on equipping the church, both within and outside of Bread of Life Ministries. We believe the Bible teaches us to be knowers, worshipers, hearers and doers of God. Our lifestyle should reflect our passion and love for Christ through worship, creative arts and dance. This same passion and love is demonstrated through ministries to the lost, poor and fatherless. Bread of Life Ministries is committed to changing the spiritual atmosphere wherever we go.

All gifts and talents are purposeful and useful in bringing people to a better understanding of our Father through Jesus Christ. He is our sole focus.